Vinieta Bhatia

Dr. Vinieta Bhatia is ahead of her colleagues in using latest technologies to treating her patients.

Injuries occur frequently when playing sports of any kind rigorously or while doing exercises. Most of the injuries result in the tear of ligaments, dislocations, sprains, and fractures. An orthopedic surgeon is a specialist doctor who treats injuries of this kind. Dr. Vinieta Bhatia is a well-known orthopedic surgeon whose speciality lies under ligament tears. She works with many super-speciality hospitals and extends her services to patients there. She gained a lot of reputation in her field owing to ethical medical practices and strong dedication. She is known for treating sports-related injuries and her post-surgery care helps the athletes to recover soon.

Dr. Vinieta Bhatia has a humble background and worked hard to get into prestigious medical university. After getting her medical degree she chose Orthopaedics as her speciality and continued her services by opening a private clinic while being associated with other hospitals as a visiting surgeon. Dr. Bhatia keeps updating on all the latest technology concerning her specialisation and attends conferences to maximise her knowledge about new innovations in medicine. As a doctor, she is spontaneous, patient to listen, and friendly. She recommends physical therapy for her patients post-surgery to improve their muscle and bone strength.

With more than 10 years of experience in Orthopaedics field, Dr. Vinieta Bhatia not only specialises in ligament tear surgeries but did a fellowship in sports medicine. In this sub-speciality, she treats patients of all ages and skills relating to sports with musculature injuries. The shoulder, hip and knee joints are more prone to injuries when it comes to treating sports athletes. She is a caring physician who gives tips on exercises and fitness on regular basis to her patients to help them improve.
She motivates her patients to find the emotional and physical reason behind their stress and helps them to eliminate it for faster recovery. Dr. Vinieta Bhatia keeps in touch with academic field and has contributed to her field in the form of writing articles and publishing them. She is also an educator who provides hands-on teaching to new orthopedic residents and trains them by taking under her guidance. Her approach to patients is also unique. She listens to the patient’s medical history before putting out the diagnosis as she believes to know the patient better before treatment.

Her practice is focused on operative and non-operative treatment for sports injuries. She has a unique method of treating scar tissues and joint stiffness. Prior to surgery and major operations, she instills confidence in the patient and thoroughly explains the treatment procedure to ease the stress. The post-surgery care and instructions are well laid out and planned for each patient and are tailored to help them recover. It is safe to say that Dr. Vinieta Bhatia is ahead of her colleagues in using latest technologies to treating her patients.

Dr. Vinieta Bhatia is a good team doctor and works well with others when performing teamwork. She understands that patients get a best possible outcome when physicians and surgeons work together in harmony.